Monday, January 10, 2011

Mean Nicknames Vol 1: The New England "Gay"-triots

Mean Nicknames is a column dedicated to finding derivative words that rhyme with the names of professional athletes. In this edition, we run down as many Patriots players as we can think of:

Tom Brady? More like Tom FRAIDY.
Wes Welker? More like MESS Welker.
Vince Wilfork? More like WINCE PILL-DORK.
Danny Woodhead? More like WAH-NNY Woodhead.
BenJarvus Green-Ellis? More like BenHARMLESS MEAN-SMELLIS.
Aaron Hernandez? More like SWEARIN' Her-WAHndez
Deion Branch? More like PEE-ON BLANCHE.
Julian Edelman? More like JULIE'S-IN BED-WITH-MEN.
Devin McCourty? More like DEAD, AND LOOKS FORTY.
Shayne Graham? More like PLAIN SHAM.
Ty Warren? More like CRY "BORIN'!"

Bonus! Bill Belichick? More like WILL SMELL-A-DICK.

Stay classy, viewers!

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