Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Headlines Vol. 4: Olympic Sports

Panicked Decathlon Organizers Can't Recall Ninth Event, Order Participants to "Do Something Active"
Decathletes play a game of "the human knot" during the unplanned intermission

Michael Phelps Down for Some Beer Pong
Phelps said he wouldn't mind a game or two.

Djibouti's Bid for 2020 Olympics Falls Flat on its Ass
The International Olympic Committee said the proposal smelled like butt.

Humans Continue to Take Credit for Horse's Jumping Ability

The redcoated woman received various accolades while the athletic horse received oats, and not even the good kind.

Curling Champion Accused of Using "Enhanced" Broom
The broom in question (pictured above) made a loud whirring sound, disturbing the fan in attendance.

NBC Taps Al Michaels for Historic Re-Broadcast of Jesus' "Miracle on Water"

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