Friday, January 14, 2011

Funny Sports Vol. 6: Duckpin Bowling

Meet duckpin bowling, a game that sadly does not involve rolling a large round object toward a flock of unsuspecting geese. Duckpin bowling is just like regular bowling except that the balls are smaller, the pins are shorter and fatter, and each player gets three turns per frame instead of the customary two. Tiny balls, fat pins, and undeserved third chances: smells like America!

Most Commonly Seen In: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware (other states roll their eyes).

Watch Out...If you step over the line during your turn opponents might call "fowl!"

Couldn't You Just AFLAC commercial where the cursed spokes-duck finds himself accidentally substituted for one of the pins in a perfect twist of homonymic punnery? It's funny how the same part of our brain that responds to slapstick duck humor also controls our desire to thoughtfully reflect on the value of workman's compensation. Good call advertisers.

Fun Fact: The smaller-sized balls make duckpin bowling a great fit for the kids, or the guy with the tiny hands in that Burger King commercial.

Greatest Duckpin Bowlers of All Time: Jeff "Quack Assassin" Davis, Devon "Mallard Mauler" McClintock, Harold "Duckpin Harold" Haroldson, The Avian Flu.

Above: A surpisingly well-done and completely unironic look into the world of duckpin bowling.

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