Sunday, January 2, 2011

Funny Sports Vol. 5

Meet Slug Wars, indisputable evidence that America's time as a world superpower is coming to an end. Imagine this: You're at a slumber party and the homoerotic tension is reaching a boiling point. How do release some of the pressure before this thing turns into a full-blown, man-on-man Roman orgy like last week? Quick: everyone go head first into your sleeping bag and start rubbing up against one another!

Most Commonly Seen In: sheds, basements, truck stops.

Rules and Regulations: As the video clip demonstrates, referees must wear paraphernalia from Duke, Harvard, or a university of equivalent douchiness.

Similar Sports: butterfly battles, centipede sieges, anal trampoline.

Famous Quotes: "Will is on!" (3:55 in the video).

Interesting Fact: The Bruge Brothers, who directed the above segment, also helped produce Oscar favorite Black Swan.

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