Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black-and-Yellow Assholes, Green Advance

After the dust settled on the gridirons of the AFC playoffs on Sunday, the suspense was ended as fans learned that the assholes in the black and yellow outfits and the assholes in the green would advance to the AFC Championship game.

"Obviously, this was a huge win, not just for us dickheads playing the game, but for our asshole fans as well," smirked that one prick from the black-and-yellow team, following a nail-biting 31-24 victory over those shit-eaters in the purple. "Now we're already preparing for next Sunday's game," against the insufferable assholes in the green. The blowhard fuck coach of said green assholes was no less excited. "It was great to see our gameplans pan out against those arrogant shits draped in red white and blue jerseys," he blustered.

The winner of next week's matchup will advance to the Superbowl, where they will face either those schmucks in the blue and orange, or Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

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