Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ben Roethlisberger Engaged? She said no, but they're getting married anyways

Now this is my first post and most of my posts won't be so angry, but really:
What is this girl thinking?

The article link is here where the news first broke:

But really, this guy is not only a disgusting human being, but he is also very very unattractive.
see: Also note it looks the like hot family cousin about to put 12 year old Eli to sleep after drinking too much egg nog one christmas night.

But back to the topic, Everyone is saying nowadays that Ben has had a few years to become a better man, but I don't know how after two years you can even change that much, especially when there were 2 separate accusations (if he werent an nfl quarterback, they would have been classified as acts) of sexual assualt.

Let's make a little list (pro v cons)
-The guy probably has brain damage from being an nfl quarterback as well as crashing his motorcycle while riding without a helmet (idiot).

-He was quoted in 2009 as saying the best perk of being an nfl quarterback was the "hooking up"

-Another quote: "It's a violent, physical contact sport, and there's a chance you're going to get hit. [The media] don't talk about the bruises we have all over our bodies. If I showed you a bruise on my shoulder and a bruise on my shin, it wouldn't get talked about as much."
Not really sure how that helps the concussion debate, but sure..


He's famous, has won super bowls (see: referees v seattle), and has tons of money

And although even I think he is a terrible human being, I have a feeling other people may not even know they feel the same way. Look at this yahoo sports page from today, is it not dropping sexual inferences everywhere (even more so for brandon jacobs, read about his salty exit)?

But in all seriousness, what is this girl thinking? Who knows, but even if she said no to the proposal and they're still getting married.. I still wish them both the best.



  1. beautiful...i'm forwarding this to lily

  2. Avi, I'm requesting information so I can make a rebuttle that will but this lil cowboys fan in his rightful place. On the couch watching Big Ben flash his wedding ring as it rests happily underneath superbowl ring # 3 of his career.

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