Friday, January 21, 2011

Athletes: What are they Thinking? Vol. 3

In-house psychologist and palm-reader Dr. Wilhelm Goodrich returns for another edition of "Athletes: What are they Thinking?" In this installment Dr. Goodrich reaches into our two-toned past for images of the black-n-white variety.
Above: An artist's rendering of Dr. Wilhelm Goodrich

Honus Wagner: "I cannot possibly envision a world wherein complete strangers can view my photograph using an interconnected web of fiber-optic telegraph lines. I also cannot envision a world in which society considers the name 'Honus' outdated. I, Honus Wagner, lack imagination."

Pele: "Move over barbecue meat skewers, beach thongs, and Jesus statues. It's time to make room for Pele on Brazil's mountain of excellence!"

Terry Bradshaw: "You're just been Bradshawed baby!"

Joe Namath: "Who devised these terrible plays? Communists?"

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