Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This just in from Sports Illustrated...

"Pats' Danny Woodhead is just like us, and that's why we root for him"

I haven't actually read this article, but I received a divine premonition about its contents:

"Danny Woodhead is white. Despite this crushing disability he manages to play professional football for a very good team. Although his contributions might be favorably compared to those of Ryan Moats, this front page story on Sports Illustrated's website confirms that he is indeed a 'fan-favorite.' Danny Woodhead is white."

I believe The Onion already wrote this article, and by wrote this article I mean that they posted a picture with a single caption that was ten times more poignant than the 5,000-word SI piece:,9975/

ESPN projects that, at his current pace, Woodhead will eclipse the vaunted 440-yard rushing mark this season. I looked back in the annals of great Eagles' running backs for a statistical and biographical comparison.

Remember Texas A & M-Kingville graduate Heath Sherman from the '93 team?

The former Javelina rushed for 406 yards that season as a backup to Herschel Walker. He earned lavish praise from fans, journalists, and civic leaders for his relentless and reckless running style. Then mayor Ed Rendell called Sherman "the consummate Philadelphian, a shining example of what this city and its people represent," declaring later, "the jelly doughnuts at this press conference are spectacular!" Sherman became a latter day Rocky, and his unlikely story from Division II afterthought to moderately productive NFL running back inspired millions to pursue their dreams. To this very day, the name Heath Sherman reamins synonymous with unflappable perseverance.

And so I'd like to think Sports Illustrated for their Sherman-esque reporting on this Danny Woodhead piece, inspirational.

Go Javelinas!

*Non Sarcastic Afterthought: The wikipedia entry on Danny Woodhead has an entire section about the exploits of his high school football team year by year. The wikipedia entry for Heath Sherman has two sentences. Interestingly, Sherman appeared in a 1987 Sports Illustrated about Johnny Lee Bailey, his record-breaking backfield mate at Texas A & M-Kingville. Between the two Sherman actually had the better NFL career, rushing for 2,130 yards as a Birds' running/full back between 1989 and 1993.

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