Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stop Teasing us

On the ESPN MLB homepage is an article by boy genius Buster Olney (grow up and get a real first name). The lede goes like this: "It can't be easy for fans in Baltimore, Toronto and Tampa Bay to get excited about their chances in the AL East. So maybe it's time to blow up the divisions and change the playoff structure."

First of all, I have to admit I didn't have the chance to read the actual article, because I'm not an ESPN Insider, BUT, please, Buster, and every other sports reporter, you have to stop. No longer can you tease us with division reshuffling, baseball salary caps, NFL overtime rules, logical college football playoff structures, american soccer, canadian baseball, mexican political transparency or any other idealist change to a professional sport. The rule of thumb is, the more logical the idea is, the more managers/coaches/owners/deans will go on the record saying they will never vote for it.

So here's to fans only going to Blue Jays games by accident, Orioles fans watching Ripken games on ESPN classic, and Rays fans missing the game to catch the early bird special at Poppy's. Dream on, Buster.

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