Sunday, December 26, 2010

Really "Heat"-ing Up

Miami, FL - Christmas came right on time for Lebron James and his pals as the Miami Heat turned the Lakers into a holiday "yule log" and "burned" them 96-80 in a much-hyped "match".

It was more than just a stat-packing night for the "wildfire" Heat; it left the nay-sayers "smoldering". Those who have been calling Lebron just a "flash in the pan" and claim he lacks the "fire in the belly" to really compete had their words turn to "ash" in their mouths as the Chosen One "lit up" the Lakers with a triple-double. It wasn't all about number 6, however; he was simply the lead "torch" in a mob of swarming defense, good transition play, and "hot hands" all around. In a "barn-burner" where James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh each outscored Kobe Bryant (the Lakers' lead scorer), it was safe to say the defending champs were "snuffed out".

James was demure after the victory: "this was a real good opportunity to check the 'temperature' of our team and in the end something good came out of the 'oven.'" Added James, "we'll see how this 'ignites' our team for the rest of the season". On the other side of the coin, Phil Jackson was "chilly" towards reporters in the post-game interview. "It saddens me when it looks like our team has 'cold feet'. We were really 'frozen' out there."

It was an encouraging win for the Heat, who may just be getting "warmed up." The path to the Finals, however, is still crowded with teams eager to "rain" on the Heat's "bonfire."

Meanwhile, over in Boston, the Celtics are... "green," or... fuck it.

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