Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jeter and Chocolate Cake

Derek Jeter must have been beyond frustrated to tell the media about his "anger" with recent Yankee contract negotiations. I could understand Jeter letting his feelings known if he hadn't ended up in pinstripes, but the fact he's going to be with the organization he's bashing is puzzling - especially because we're talking about Mr. Captain Goody Two Shoes.

The fact is that Derek Jeter isn't a great baseball player anymore. His last season's statline read like a decent hitter at the top of a very powerful lineup: 111 R, 10 HR, 67 RBI, 106 SO, .270.

He doesn't deserve a large contract in playing ability alone - something the Yankees knew - and his marketing worth is many times larger with the Yankees than any other organization - something the Yankees also knew. So, they let him shop around. It's not entirely different from a child telling his parents he's going to move out if they don't let him eat chocolate cake for dinner every night. "Sure, you can move out, just go and find a new house that will pay for everything you need and give you chocolate cake every night, and we'll drive you right over." Well, this might not be the best idea; pedophiles might try to steal your child with chocolate cake, but the metaphor has been made.

Could you imagine Jeter signing with a team, any team, and being paid what he wanted to be paid, to play above-average ball at shortstop? Neither can I.

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