Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funny Sports Vol. 4

Meet sepak takraw. One of Indochina's most popular pastimes, the sport receives little attention outside of Southeast Asia. As a game, sepak takraw combines the fast-paced action of volleyball with the foot skills of soccer and the demographic breakdown of M.I.T.'s engineering program. You haven't lived until you've seen a Cambodian do a running scissor kick and crash into a tiny net.

The Skinny: Basically it's volleyball but you play with your feet and I'm pretty sure you have to be Asian.

American Equivalent: Hackeysack off drugs.

Most commonly seen in: Indonesia, Thailand, 'Nam....'nam....oh God the horrors...have you ever seen sepak takraw played with a human head son...HAVE YOU?!?!?

Greatest doubles match of all time: Nguyen & Nguyen v. Nguyen & Nguyen. A classic back-and-forth struggle for kick volleyball supremacy. The fans were the real "nguyen"-ers.

Did you know?: In 1989 a team representing the United States competed at the sepak takraw world championships. They were beaten badly.

Video hosted by sepak takraw's Bob Geldof :

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