Monday, December 20, 2010

Dodging the Bullet

Why are kickers and punters so terrible? With the most well-paid one-dimensional job in the country, they never cease to fail. If a kicker's only job is to put the ball through the uprights, why can't he do it every time? If soccer players can place a soccer ball in the corner of a net, surely a man can kick a football through a very wide target from 35 yards away, every time.

I bring up this topic because of yesterday's Giants-Eagles game. Giants punter Matt Dodge, after being instructed to punt the ball out of bounds, punted the ball straight to DeSean Jackson, who proceeded to fumble the ball, and then run for a touchdown. Cue in Coughlin screaming at Dodge and Dodge looking like he just caught taking the last brownie from the freezer, unable to even hold eye contact.

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